Potholders with daisies

How to assemble potholders – Picture tutorial


The granny squares with daisies makes the potholders special. If you don’t know how to crochet granny squares with daisies, you can find the english pattern here.

Klick on picture for big version. Have fun and good luck!

Crochet with single crochet

Due to teqnical issues, I can’t get english text under the pictures. English translation:

  • Start in the corners of the two first squares.
  • Crochet the squares together with single crochet for a three dimensional effect.
  • Make sure that you hit the right stitch on both sides.
  • Put last single crochet in the space in the corner.
  • Continue with square number three and four.

More single crochet

  • Crochet single crochet in opposite direction.
  • Make single crochet
  • In senter, make sure that the single crochet from the first row stands straight up.
  • Crochet the last stitch in same corner space as the single crochet in first row.
  • Then crochet a single crochet in the same corner on the other side of the first row.
  • Here you see the three dimensional effect.
Baksiden er i c2c.

Baksiden er i c2c.

On the back side of the potholders I used c2c (corner to corner). I wanted the potholders to be made from different techniques. Of course you can put granny squares with daisies on both sides. That maybe becomes even nicer.

The links takes you to Stitch´n Stacey’s YouTube tutorials:

You Tube tutorial for c2c.

You Tube tutorial for how to decrease c2c.

Edging with single crochet

  • Fasten both sides together with pins.
  • Start in one corner and crochet the sides together with single crochets.
  • The back side didn’t get as even as I wanted because of the c2c-technique.
  • Crochet the yarn inside the single crochet stitches.
  • End the round with chain stitches to get a loop.
  • This is how it looks like without a picot edging.

Picot edging

  1. Crochet 1 single crochet, and then 3 chain stitches.
  2. Fasten with a slip stitch through the first chain stitch.
  3. Skip a stitch.
  4. 1 single crochet in next single crochet.
  5. Here you can see that i skipped 1 single crochet.
  6. Repeat form picture 1 to 3 round the potholder.

Single crochet in loop

  • Crochet single crochets in the loop.
  • Single crochet.
  • Weave in ends.

 More ideas

  • Crochet a maching dishcloth
  • I crocheted the dishcloth in c2c (corner to corner)
  • Cute gift-idea. I found the kitchen brush at Clas Olson-store.

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