Pillow with HeidiBlossom


I made this cute pillow to put in my living room. I used purple yarn because I wanted it to mach the other colors that I have in the living room. This tutorial show how you can assemble the granny squares.

Baby blanket and afghan blanket


This pattern will also make a beautiful crochet afghan blanket.  You can even make a baby blanket, using pink or blue in stead of purple.

Crochet single crochets in rows

I love making 3D-effekts when crocheting. I often use single crochets when I assembly granny squares. Klick on pictures and you get a large version with text.

 Crossing rows

Concerning picture 1 and 3,  when I write corner, I mean the corner of the granny square, not the corner of the pillow.

Crochet single crochet around sides


Crochet one round of single crochet around each side. In the corners you make 2 single crochets, 2 chains, 2 single crochets.

Then you corchet the two sides together with single crochets. Make sure that you putt the hook in the right stitches on both sides. The corner on this round is also: 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc. Remember to make an opening so you can fill the pillow.






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