Dishcloth in c2c


Finally! The last piece of my kitchen set is finished:  A dishcloth crocheted in c2c (corner to corner). For a long time I have planned to have a tutorial for c2c on my blog, and now it’s here 🙂


I love the colors, it gives my kitchen a summer feeling and I think they look cute together. The c2c technique is easy to learn, even for a rookie.


The dishcloth is working so well and I love to use it in my kitchen to wipe my table. I sometimes makes dishcloths as gifts, then I crochet a heart to wrap around it, see bottom of post.



I have tested different types of yarn and I prefer to use Solberg Fiol from Solbergs spinderi and Anna & Claras Cottonyarn from Søstrene Grene.

  • Green cloth: Solberg Fiol, 952272cc
  • Blue: Anna og Claras Cottonyarn: 15-4415
  • Hook: 3 mm

Pattern c2c


  • ch = chain stitches
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch

Klick on pictures for big version.








  1. Crochet 6 ch.
  2. Start in fourth ch from the hook and make a dc
  3. Crochet  2 more dc, totally 3 dc.
  1. Turn your work.
  2. Crochet 6 ch.
  3. Start in fourth ch from the hook and make a dc.
  4. Crochet two more dc, totally 3 dc.
  5. Put your hook under the «loop» of chain stitches…
  6. and fasten with sl st.
  7. Crochet 3 ch
  8. Crochet 3 dc in the «loop» of chain stitches. Now you hav a corner, continue to increase:
  1. Crochet 6 ch.42cc
  2. Start in the fourth ch from your hook and crochet 3 dc.
  3. Fasten with a sl st in the «loop» of ch.
  4. Crochet 3 ch.
  5. Crochet 3 dc in the «loop» of ch and fasten with sl st in next «loop».
  6. Crochet 3 ch.
  7. Crochet 3 dc in the «loop».
  8. Turn your work and start from 1.

Continue to increase until your work is 30 cm.

Decrease c2c

  1. When you reach the end of the row: turn your work.
  2. Crochet sl st until you reaches the «loop» of ch.
  3. 1 sl st in «loop».
  4. Crochet 3 ch.
  5. Crochet 3 dc in in the «loop».
  6. Fasten in next «loop» with sl st. Now you see that you get a corner and starts to make a side.

Continue til end of row and:

  1. Remember not to increase, but stop when you get to the last group of dc and…
  2. …fasten with sl st.
  3. Turn your work and crochet sl st until you reaches the «loop»
  4. Fasten with sl st in «loop».
  5. Crochet 3 ch.
  6. Make 3 dc in «loop» and continue til end of row. Go to 1


Work the rest of the cloth from 1 to 6 until you have one group of dc left, this becomes the fourth and last corner on your cloth.

If you wish to make an afghan or a runner, continue to increase one side and decrease on the other side. This makes your work rectangular. When you get the size you wish, decrease the last side.






💚How to crochet a heart – English video.























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