Potholders with daisies

Cute potholders and a dishcloth

1. Har du røde detaljer på kjøkkenet, passer disse godt inn.

Beautyful together with red detalils. 1. Har du røde detaljer på kjøkkenet, passer disse godt inn.

I love granny squares with daisies! This time I made two potholders and a dishcloth, which is the greatest things to make, they fit lovely into the kitchen and is something you can be proud to give away.

Red is fashion!

The daisies are sweet no matter which color you use. I wanted at modern expression, which is why I used red because it’s modern all year round. That is, if you avoid green, gold and silver. If you still think it’s too much red though, just use them for Christmas! 🙂

Hang the potholders on the wall or put them in a basket with the dishcloth-lady.

Hang the potholders on the wall or put them in a basket with the dishcloth-lady.


I used crochet hook number 3 mm. Usually I just use whatever  yarn I have laying around. When using home made dishcloths, make sure to use a yarn than can be washed at 60 °C. I used Norwegian and Swedish yarn:

  • White: Gjestal sport
  • Red: I doubled the 12/4 from Europris for the potholders, and just one yarn for dishcloth.
  • Black: Solberg fiol
  • Orange: Järbo


Praktisk detalj.

Practical detail. Praktisk detalj.

I’ve made a detailed tutorial with a lot of pictures. You’ll find the pattern for the granny squares with daisies here.

The pattern for the potholders you can find here.

The dishcloth is made from c2c (corner to corner), so is the back side of the potholders. Learn how to crochet c2c by follow the links to Stitch´n Stacey’s YouTube tutorials:

You Tube tutorial for c2c.

You Tube tutorial for how to decrease c2c.

If you know the techniques, this is very easy, just continue to read this post.

I crocheted four granny squares with daisies. On the back of the potholder I used the c2c-tecnique. If you wish, you can use daisies on both sides. I crocheted them together using single crochet. I prefer this method because it gives a three dimensional look. I also used single crochet, to assemble the front with the back. Then I crocheted a picot edging, which makes them very cute.

Klick on first picture and you´ll get big pictures. Because of technical issues, I can’t put English text under the pictures. Here is the translation:

  1. I started with four granny squares.
  2. Here you see the tree dimensional effect you get when you use single crochet.
  3. On the back of the potholder i used the c2c technique.
  4. I crocheted together the front and back of the potholder with single crochet.
  5. The potholder without picot edging.
  6. The back side of the potholder.
  7. In the end I crocheted a picot edging.
  8. The dishcloth is crocheted in c2c (corner to corner).

Idea for Christmas presents

The potholders, the matching dishcloth and the kitchen brush-lady makes an edge to the kitchen. I also think they make a great Christmas gift.

  1. Bring color to your neutral kitchen.
  2. Sweet detail.
  3. The kitchen brush-lady with the dishcloth-dress gives an extra touch.

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